• European Integration
    • Theories of European Integration
    • EU Negotiations and Decision-making
    • The EU as International Actor
    • Common Foreign and Security Policy (CFSP) and Common Security and Defence Policy (CSDP)Enlargement (2004, 2007, 2013, and beyond)
    • Institutional Reform and Future of the EU
    • Asylum and Migration Policies
    • Regional Integration within and beyond Europe
    • Rule of Law and Corruption in the (new) Member States
    • EU-US-China Relations
  • Foreign and Security Policy
    • Transatlantic Relations
    • US Foreign and World Policy, focusing not only but also on domestic roots of foreign politics and US-China relations
    • Foreign Aid as Foreign Policy
  • Theories of international relations
  • International organisation and Regimes
  • Media and International Politics
  • Sports / Soccer and International Relations
  • Peace and Conflict Research

Habilitation projects

Development Policy between Securitization and Financial Crisis: US, UK and Germany Compared (in German) (Alexander Brand).

"Rule of Law and Compliance in Central and Eastern Europe" (Petra Guasti).

PhD projects

"Bargaining for Peace – The European Union as a Mediator in Peace Negotiations" (Julian Bergmann). Supervisor: Arne Niemann.

"Integration for Development: The New Regionalism in Southern Africa" (Johannes Muntschick). Supervisor:Thomas Gehring (University of Bamberg).

"The EP - An Institution Shapes Itself" (Dennis Voll). Supervisor: Arne Niemann

„Understanding Coalition Strategies – Two-Level Negotiations within Israel’s Multi-Party Democracy“ (Helge Eikelmann). Betreut von Arne Niemann

„EU Performance in the Neighbourhood – The Effectiveness of the European Union in the ENP“ (Nils Hoffmann). Betreut von Arne Niemann

Further research projects

Europeanisation and Football as Carrier of Identity Change (Arne Niemann / Alexander Brand)

Human Rights in Europe and their Violations: Cross National Multidisciplinary Analysis (Petra Guasti / David Siroky – Arizona State University / Daniel Stockemer- University of Ottawa)