Perceptions and Challenges of EU-China Energy Cooperation

ABSTRACT: China and the European Union are the world’s largest importers of natural resources, which make both of them highly dependent on other countries.  Both are, hence, greatly challenged on the issue of energy and closely interlinked also on climate change, both areas which will demand changes in energy production, consumption patterns etc. These challenges could lead to competition between the two actors in the request for resources. At the same time, such a common situation could entail great potential for a closer cooperation. However despite the latest summit between the two partners, little indicates for such closer cooperation.

Thus, the aim of this paper is to understand which mutual perceptions the EU and China have in energy policy. How does the external energy governance of the EU and China function? Which mutual perceptions do both sides hold and which controversies exist?

© Michèle Knodt, Nadine Piefer, Suet-Yi Lai

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