Dipl.-Pol. Florian Koch


Jakob-Welder-Weg 20, Raum 03-201
55128 Mainz

Room: Philosophicum II, 03.226
Phone: +49-[0]6131-3929504
Email: koch [at] politik.uni-mainz.de

Office hours: on Tuesday, 9:00-10:00 (by prior appointment only)




Curriculum vitae

Florian Koch works currently as a post-doctoral researcher within the DFG-funded research project “The Identity Effect of Europeanised Lifeworlds: Becoming European through Football? (EUFoot)”, lecturer and coordinator of the Jean Monnet Chair at the Department of Political Science, Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz. He is also an associate researcher with the IS3P Institute, Paris Descartes University.

Florian Koch recently finished his PhD thesis at the Paris Descartes University and the University of Leipzig (cotutelle de thèse). He held positions as research fellow and lecturer at Le Mans University and at Leipzig University of Applied Sciences. In addition, he worked as lecturer at SciencesPo Paris and at Anhalt University of Applied Sciences.

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  • KOCH, F. (forthcoming) (2019): Die Abwertung des Anderen mittels Sprache im Amateurfußball. Ein soziolinguistischer Vergleich in Deutschland und Frankreich, Sprache – Kultur – Gesellschaft, Peter Lang: Frankfurt am Main.
  • WINK, R., KIRCHNER, L., KOCH, F. & SPEDA, D. (2015): Wirtschaftliche Resilienz in deutschsprachigen Regionen, Springer: Wiesbaden.

Articles in Peer-Reviews

  • BERRON, M.-A. & KOCH, F. (2019): La résilience sociolinguistique et la crise des réfugiés en Allemagne en 2015/2016 : Une analyse qualitative et quantitative du vocabulaire de la guerre, In: Linguistica, Vol. 58(1), 189-203.
  • WINK, R., KIRCHNER, L., KOCH, F. & SPEDA, D. (2017): Path plasticity, path creation and path dependence along transformation processes in German cities, In: Cambridge Journal of Regions, Economy and Society, Vol. 10(3), 471–490.
  • BERRON, M.-A. & KOCH, F. (2017): La crise des réfugiés de 2014/2015 sur la base de la résilience sociolinguistique. Une analyse qualitative et comparative entre l’Allemagne et la France, In: La Revue d'Etudes françaises, Vol. 21, 65-74.
  • WINK, R., KIRCHNER, L., KOCH, F. & SPEDA, D. (2015): There are many roads to reindustrialisation and resilience. Place-based approaches in three German urban regions, In: European Planning Studies, Vol. 24(3), 463-488.
  • BASTIAN, S. & KOCH, F. (2015): Le dénigrement de l’autre par le biais de la langue. Une étude pilote dans le domaine du foot en France, In: La Revue d'Etudes françaises, Vol. 20, 18-33.
  • WINK, R., KIRCHNER, L., KOCH, F. & SPEDA, D. (2015): Collective learning and path plasticity as means to regional economic resilience: The case of Stuttgart, In: International Journal of Learning and Change. Vol. 8(1), 21-41.

Chapters in Edited Volumes

  • KOCH, F. (forthcoming) (2019): Die Abwertung des Anderen mittels Sprache Amateurfußball. Die Entwicklung eines kontrastiven soziolinguistischen Modells, In: Gautier, L. (Ed.): Fachsprachenforschung kontrastiv, Kontraste/Contrastes, Peter Lang: Frankfurt am Main.
  • WINK, R., KIRCHNER, L., KOCH, F. & SPEDA, D. (2018): The economic resilience of Stuttgart: vulnerable but resilient and adaptable, In: Bristow, Gillian; Healy, Adrian (Ed.) (2018): Economic crisis and the resilience of regions. A European study. Cheltenham, UK: Edward Elgar Publishing (New horizons in regional science), 41–60.
  • BERRON, M.-A. & KOCH, F. (2017): Counter Speech : Une nouvelle stratégie politico-linguistique en Allemagne face à une crise globale, In: Goudaillier, J.-P. & Planelles Iváñez, M. (Ed.): L'argot des crises, Peter Lang: Frankfurt am Main, 111-121.

Reports, Conference- and Working Papers

  • WEBER, R., NIEMANN, A., BRAND, A. & KOCH, F. (2019): Non-elite conceptions of Europe: Europe as reference frame in English football fan discussions, Conference Paper (European Conference for Political Research), Mons.
  • WEBER, R., BRAND, A., KOCH, F. & NIEMANN, A. (2018): Europeanisation through the global game?, Conference Paper (Football: Politics of the Global Game conference), Warsaw.
  • BRISTOW, G.; HEALY, A., NORRIS, L., KAFKALAS, G., KAKDERI, C., WINK, R., KIRCHNER, L., KOCH, F., SPEDA, D., SWASH, A., CAREY, H., SENSIER, M., HARDING, A., SAGAN, I., MASIK, G., ESPENBEG, K., SEPP, V., VARBLANE, U. (2014): ECR 2 – Economic Crisis: Resilience of Regions, Final Report to the European Spatial Observatory Network, Luxembourg/Cardiff: ESPON & Cardiff University.
  • WINK, R., KIRCHNER, L., KOCH, F. & SPEDA, D. (2014): Studie zur Umwegrentabilität der kulturellen Eigenbetriebe der Stadt Leipzig, Leipzig: HTWK Leipzig.


  • KOCH, F. (2019): L´effet de l´identité au quotidien : Devenir Européen(ne) par le foot, Presentation at IS3P, Paris, 14th March.
  • KOCH, F. (2018): Group-focused enmity in amateur football, Presentation at “Fachtagung kontrastive”, Dijon, 9th November.
  • BERRON, M.-A. & KOCH, F. (2017): La Crise des réfugiés en Allemagne : une approche sociolinguistique, Presentation at “Carrefour de la Pensée”, Le Mans, 10th March.
  • BERRON, M.-A. & KOCH, F. (2016): Jargon « nazi » et crise des réfugiés en Allemagne, Presentation at “10ème colloque d’Argotologie”, Ljubljana, 18th November.
  • BERRON, M.-A. & KOCH, F. (2016): Résilience et tolérance des tabous linguistiques dans le discours public et privé, Presentation at “Nouveaux tabous linguistiques”, Lodz, 5th May.
  • BERRON, M.-A. & KOCH, F. (2015): La résilience dans le domaine de la sociolinguistique au vu de la crise de 2015 des réfugiés (France – Allemagne), Presentation at “Migrations et Intégrations”, Budapest, 16th November.
  • BERRON, M.-A. & KOCH, F. (2015): Le combat d’une crise globale par le biais de stratégies politico-linguistiques en Allemagne, Presentation at “9ème colloque d’Argotologie”, Alicante, 20th October.
  • BASTIAN, S. & KOCH, F. (2015): Le football et ses discours - réflexions sur les jargons des sportifs et des supporteurs en France et en Allemagne, Presentation at “VIIIe Colloque international d'Argotologie”, Budapest, 26th November.
  • KOCH, F. (2014): Regional and urban economic resilience capabilities in comparative perspective. Empirical evidences from two German States, Presentation at “Regional Studies Association European Conference 2014”, Izmir, 16th June.
  • KOCH, F. & SPEDA, D. (2014): Endogenouse and exogenouse resilience: The role of urban economic and governance structure, Presentation at “Geography of Innovation Conference”, Utrecht, 23rd January.