Edited Volume on worldwide implications of Brexit published

At least since 2016, Brexit has been one of the dominating issues in European politics. Most recently, the passage of the “Internal Market Act” has intensified the uncertainties surrounding the UK's exit from the EU. A “hard Brexit” without a trade agreement at the end of the year seems increasingly likely.

The lively public and academic debate surrounding Brexit has so far focused primarily on the reasons and consequences of Brexit for Great Britain, the EU or individual member states. But the myriad uncertainties that have unfolded since the announcement of the British in/out-referendum have also left deep marks worldwide. As a result, external partners of the EU are not only changing their perception of the EU and Great Britain but are already adapting their foreign policy in light of these developments and uncertainties.

The newly published edited volume “Changing Perceptions of the EU at Times of Brexit Global Perspectives”, edited by Prof. Natalia Chaban, Prof. Arne Niemann and Johanna Speyer, is dedicated to these international implications of Brexit, which can already be observed today. In 15 country studies, internationally recognized experts trace the developments in various strategic partner countries around the globe. In their conclusion, the three editors interrogate these country specific findings for regional similarities and develop policy recommendations for European external action.

The research project which lead to this volume was funded, inter alia, by the European Commission as part of the Jean Monnet chair (Erasmus +), the Fritz Thyssen Foundation and the JGU Mainz.

The edited volume "Changing Perceptions of the EU at Times of Brexit. Global Perspectives ” has been published by Routledge. The following code guarantees a 20% discount on the purchase price: SOC20 (please enter the code at checkout).

Natalia Chaban, Arne Niemann und Johanna Speyer (eds)

Changing Perceptions of the EU at Times of Brexit. Global Perspectives

Routledge, July 2020: 306 pp.

ISBN (Hb): 978-0-367-27666-9 | £120.00

ISBN (eBook): 978-0-429-31706-4



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