Informations about the electronic exam

Dear students,
the electronic exam for the lecture “The Politics of European Integration” will take place on Thursday, 20 February 2020 from 8:45-12:00 in Rooms N33, KR1 and KR2 in the Faculty of Natural Science and Data Centre (Johann-Joachim-Becher-Weg 21).

The exam will be written in two groups:
Group 1: MIEPP and Erasmus/exchange students: 8h45-10h, Room N33
Group 2: all BA/B.Ed students: 10h00-12h00, Rooms N33, KR1 und KR2

For identification purposes, you must bring your ID card/ Passport and your student identity card (Note that a driver’s licence or the like is not sufficient!).

Best wishes,
your International Politics Unit

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